Heaven Sent Hand Sanitizer is a Labor of Love ❤️

I’m Mitzi an accountant from Katy, Texas, who actually majored in chemistry. I began making hand sanitizer at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic out of sheer necessity! I needed hand sanitizer for my elderly mother who was at the time battling kidney disease and a very serious heart condition. My only sister passed away due to complications of colon cancer in 2016 and my father passed away last summer so my Mother is all that I have and keeping her safe during the pandemic quickly became my mission in life! Once the pandemic begin I couldn’t find hand sanitizer or household disinfectants anywhere and I knew that I had to do something fast! So, I started out making a simple sanitizer spray that I added essential oils to so that my Mother’s sensitive skin wouldn’t become dry. Soon my Mother had some suggestions for me as Mothers often do. She said that she would rather have a gel and she wanted it to smell nice. About a week after that I made my first hand sanitizer gel and added a cucumber melon fragrance. When I gave it to my Mother she said “ This Hand Sanitizer is Heaven Sent! “ Heaven Sent Hand Sanitizer was born! We’ve added a few more fragrances to our signature Cucumber Melon scent and over a 1000 sales later we’re still going strong!

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